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Good news!

I received (and will accept) a job offer with Arvin Sango in Madison, IN, USA. They make exhaust components (manifolds, cats, mufflers, and complete assemblies) and metal stampings for Toyota, Nissan, and others. I won't post details of the offer in this public forum (confidential!) but I will say that it was a very nice offer that based on what I've seen and heard from fellow engineers and the like. The position involves engineering of their production lines (PLCs and the like, some mechanical stuff too).

I honestly didn't think my interviews went all the well but apparently that wasn't the case. What a relief.

I've attached the final form of my resume that got me the job. It's more or less the same as before, only with hyperlinks. As for the comments on character details, the last line (other skills) sealed the deal with them I think, as my background as a DIY mechanic (among other things) resonated and was a conversation point. To be fair, I did meet them at a job fair, so it wasn't a blind reading of my resume. Not that it matters as that's a moot point.

Yay for me?


--- Quote from: ratdude747 on March 26, 2016, 04:54:34 am ---I received (and will accept) a job offer with Arvin Sango in Madison, IN, USA.

--- End quote ---

Congratulations and good luck.


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