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Title: Electronics, Electromechanical and Software Consultancy [Midlands, UK]
Post by: gmr1981 on August 05, 2020, 01:07:26 pm
Hi All,

I have recently semi-retired, but I'm looking to provide some consultancy services for those who need it, without necessarily charging the full commercial rate.

I ran a business which I part owned for 10 years that made access control solutions including fingerprint scanners, wireless alarm systems and associated products. My primary skill is software and firmware, but I can also do electronics, PCB design and general 3D CAD. I designed several products based around the Raspberry Pi as the main computing element and favour the PIC family of microprocessors. My preferred platform and tools and Linux, C++, Qt, etc. but I am experienced with development for Windows as well.

I have also taken several products from specification to certification, through the standards compliance needed for CE marking including EMC testing.

I live in Birmingham and have both my own workshop and a network of friendly companies who can provide rapid services to get prototypes and small batches made quickly.

Please feel free to contact me with enquiries, I'm happy to consider small projects (single day) and upwards. I will only accept projects for which I believe I can provide an excellent quality service. Happy to travel for meetings.

Best wishes,