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I won't waste your time with the classic "I'm a hard working, disciplined engineer  :blah:" speech... let's get down to the specifics.

Because of corona I have some time on my hands to work on medium sized projects.
I have 6+ years experience in the embedded world. I started out with developing hardware/software for autonomous robots and then moved on freelance projects, from which most of them are/were in production.

For a client I can deliver:

* PCB design
* Embedded software (Atmel, PIC, STM32)
* PC software that controls the product (Windows, Linux, Mac - C/C++/Python/Qt)
* 5-50pcs prototypes (assembled with software)
* Setup for manufacturing (finding distributors and assemblers, optimizing the prototypes for manufacturing)
Notes about my procedures:

* Developing a prototype - steps: get all the information from the client -> deliver a couple of solutions -> choose the best solution -> calculate rough material and labor costs -> design prototype -> send out prototype for manufacturing -> develop software -> check with client -> go back to modifying the prototype till it's production ready and the client is happy -> ship out the prototypes to the client
* The advance payment I take on projects are the material costs (example: the prototype PCBs, shipping and components) and 50% of the payment toward my labor.
* As of most engineers will agree with me, prototypes aren't always done in one revision, meaning most of my products will be developed throughout 2-3 revision. The last revision is production ready.
For more information and possible cooperation, contact me via LinkedIn ( or via email .


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