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I've started recently an entity provides embedded systems and firmware consulting services. The services that I can provide:

* Firmware Development: Application firmware, C/C++ sensors driver, board bringing-up, Bootloader, and OTA.

* Technical Support: Providing consulting on design optimization, testing, part selection, and design decisions.

* Hardware Design: Schematic design, 2-layer PCB design, Breakout boards design, and evaluation board design.

* Technical Documentation & Written Content Creation: Technical documentation and written content creation for embedded hardware/software projects.

* Training: Providing corporate training for employees in variety of embedded systems topics.

Why to work with me?

I have been working in the field of Embedded System Engineering since 2014, gaining international experience in both on-site and online consultant and employment positions. My experience includes exposure to Firmware and Electronics development for various applications. Throughout my journey, I have been responsible for different phases of the product life-cycle, including the development of low-level sensors/module drivers, application firmware, design for manufacturing (DFM), prototyping, and various types of testing and analysis.

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