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Freelance Electronics Design / Embedded Software from home


I am looking for Freelance electronics design role / Embedded Software that I can do from home part time, I have a good lab to create prototypes and access to ECAD design packages that I use.  I have a lot of experience around PIC Micro-controllers based projects but competent in Analogue electronics design also . If you are interested I can supply you with my full CV, I am based in the Sheffield (UK).

In my past Freelance projects I generally work on a design and deliver a prototype at an agreed date that meet the design spec.

PM sent :-)

well, I was about to make such a topic myself. However, I am less talented than you.

I am good with PIC and Arduino, I didn't try ARM MCUs but I think I have no problem with them too. my other skills are fairly good as I designed a graduation project (Solidstate ATS) which combines nearly everything in electronics and embedded systems.

If anyone know where I can get a job (work from home or something), please PM me.



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