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Freelance work: Power/Lighting/Analog/MCU


I'm a electronics engineer (M. Sc. TU München, Germany) with several years of industry experience, working for a industry leading company.

I'm looking for freelance work in electronics design area. I'm open for everything, but my special areas are:

Power Electronics

* Power Supply (General Propose or LED)
* Inverter (DC->AC)
* DC/DC Converter
* Power factor correction (PFC)
* Solar
* Battery charging

* LED lamps PCB
* LED drivers
* Intelligent/Smart/Connected drivers
* Thermal enhanced design/heatsink design
Analog / MCU

* Signals & precision measurement
* Data sampling
* Microcontroller (ARM, MSP430)

* PCB Layout (KiCad or Altium)
* Design for manufacturing
* Manufacturing consulting
You will receive a good quality solution, fitting your needs.
Real "german engineering", no bullshit.

I'll charge on hourly base, rate is 60€/h. (negotiable)

Contact me:
Please telephone / Whazzapp +49 176 8173 3003 (Please check time zone, I'm living in Germany.)
Or email. michael [dooot] heidinger [aet] ayster [dooot] de

I'm offering my services world wide. Just contact me, and I will be there.
I speak English, German, French, Portuguese.

Looking forward hearing from you!


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