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Title: Grad Student on the Hunt (Analog VLSI/ Board design plus a smattering Embedded)
Post by: devinatkin on December 07, 2021, 03:10:57 pm

I'm a graduate student looking for part time work during my degree. I was recently part of a startup which failed, and never paid me other than equity. But they were getting 16 hours of mine per week. I'm hoping to instead of going into another startup out of our lab to pick up some real work from a real company. I doubt I'll get lucky but I figured it was still worth posting. I have a weird set of skills so maybe somebody needs me.

- My research is into CMOS image sensor design. I'm comfortable in Cadence virtuoso analog workflow and am currently teaching myself the digital workflow to be able to also do mixed signal.
- I've designed plenty of boards for myself and for my thesis work using Diptrace, Altium, and KiCAD. Personally I'm a Diptrace fanboy, but if I knock off the dust I'd be able to design comfortably in Altium as well (Primarily limited by the lack of a commercial license).
- I'm comfortable designing high order discrete filtering circuits in various topologies.
- While I am starting to get mildly rusty in it I'm comfortable designing for FPGAs with just enough experience to favor Xilinx over Altera due to the workflow.
- The weird one, I also spent a year in Distribution powerline design so I can advice you on how to save when getting power brought out to your new house in the countryside.

I doubt anything will come of this post, but if anyone has any questions about my experience feel free to ask. If you're in Calgary then I would be open to in-person work, otherwise it'd have to be remote at least until I finished my degree.  :-//