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I am open for your project or long term cooperation


I am a German Engineer located in Thailand with my own electronic lab, which I have since 4 years now.
I am an experiences electronic developer in the field of sensor systems for NDT, especially in immersion ultrasonics.
Currently working with local universities and small/medium companies on their projects.
But I have more and more free capacities and looking for more work/cooperation.

I can offer the following tasks/work:
- PCB design, schematics entry, layout, Gerber preferably in KiCad
- PCB production, external
- PCBA in house or external
- prototype assembly
- Testing of PCBs
- Small series assemblies and production of electronic/mechanical systems
- Mechanical component production according to drawings via external CNC shop
- Any other similar to the above tasks, please ask me.

Thank you in advance.
Don't hesitate to contact me directly in an email at: mark dot wolf at maleetronic dot com
Below are some random samples of my designed PCBs.


Hi Guys,

just wat to bring this up again as I have some free capacities.
Would be nice, if someone can contact me for anything related.

Thanks in advance...


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