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I can provide very professional PCB design services for you. As a professional I will use Altium as the CAD package.
My main strengths are Digital Board design and I have done more than 300 Different PCB’s. Including lot’s of BGA, DDR roughing, Impedance matching and regular MCU stuff.

I can provide fast design services, and also, I have very good reliable Chinese part suppliers.
So, if you are interested and you have a project that needed to be done, you can send me a PM and we can discuss about it.
Also, I like Bitcoins a lot, so what ever price we would agree on, you can pay 3% less by paying with bitcoin.

Here are some pictures for your reference.

Wow, that looks nice! I would like to taka this picture as a PC wallpaper

Thanks  ^-^ >:D

Eventually I will Post new projects if customers would allow it
Meet Nitrogen  >:D

It has the following specs
Main MCU STM32H750XBH6 Connected to XC6SLX9-2TQG144I
1.   8 Digital Inputs 24VDC
     a.   4 Connected to FPGA, 1KHz, with Optocoupler Isolator
     b.   4 Connected to ARM, 1KHz, with Optocoupler Isolator
2.   8 Digital Inputs 24VDC High Speed
     a.   4 Connected to FPGA, 10MHz, with Optocoupler Isolator
     b.   4 Connected to ARM, 10MHz, with Optocoupler Isolator
3.   8 Analog Outputs ±10V
     a.   2 Connected to ARM, 12 bit, 1 MSPS
     b.   6 Connected to FPGA, 12 bit, 200 KSPS
4.   2 RS232 Serial Port
     a.   1 Connected to ARM, 235 Kbps
     b.   1 Connected to FPGA, 235 Kbps
5.   4 RS422 Serial Port
     a.   2 Connected to ARM, 10 Mbps
     b.   2 Connected to FPGA, 10 Mbps
6.   1 CAN (Connected to ARM), 1 Mbps
7.   1 USB HOST (Connected to ARM)
8.   16 Analog Inputs (Connected to ARM), 16 bit, 1 Msps
9.   2 RS485 Serial Ports
     a.   1 Connected to ARM, 10 Mbps
     b.   1 Connected to FPGA, 10 Mbps
10.   1 USB Device (Connected to ARM)
11.   8 Relay Digital Outputs (Connected to FPGA), NC COM NO Contacts, 3A, 24VDC
12.   12 IGBT/Mosfet Driver (Connected to FPGA), 2.5 Ampere, (tPHL, tPLH : MAX. 0.5μs )
13.   1 LAN (Connected to ARM), 10/100 Mbps
14.   12 Transistor Digital Outputs (24VDC)
     a.   6 Connected to FPGA, 0.5 Ampere, Turn−on delay 0.1uS
     b.   6 Connected to ARM, 0.5 Ampere, Turn−on delay 0.1uS
15.   36 LED
     a.   32 LED (Connected to ARM), 16-bit Color depth PWM control
     b.   4 LED (Connected to FPGA)
16.   Expansion Connector (Connected to Power, ARM and FPGA)
     a.   3.3 VDC
     b.   5 VDC
     c.   9 Pins connected to FPGA
     d.   14 Pins connected to ARM (SPI, UART, I2C, Comp)
17.   Temperature and Humidity Sensor (Connected to ARM), 0 to 100 %RH, ±2 %RH accuracy and -40 °C to 125 °C, ±0.2 °C accuracy
18.   ARM JTAG Programmer Connector
19.   FPGA JTAG Programmer Connector
20.   24 VDC Input Power

Looks great!


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