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I do a bit of everything (hw, sw, fw, networking, mechanicals) - SF bay area


I'm looking for opportunities (prefer my locale, san francisco bay area; but open to remote work if it makes sense).

Kind of hard to nail down exactly what I 'do'.  I am a software person by resume/cv but I overlap into the hardware field more than most software guys do.  Networking has been something that I've been involved in for nearly 3 decades now (network mgmt, mostly) but now I'm finding that networking is an enablement to my deeper passion: embedded systems that 'talk' to each other and to back-end servers.

I have lots of C and a bit of C++, lately I'm into python when it makes sense, and I do lots of firmware projects using atmel cpus (yes, arduino and arduino-like systems, hope that's ok) as well as the single board linux computers.  My linux skills are quite good, having been a linux guy since the mid 90's, starting with the 1.1 kernel series.

At home, I have a fairly decent T/M gear setup and I also have access to the local hackerspace (techshop) where I enjoy doing laser cutting and fabrication, as-needed.  My board rework and construction skills are very good and I enjoy taking on an entire project and seeing it thru from idea to physical prototype.  I'm good in groups as well as a single contributor.

You can see some of my work on my photostream page.

I have also done course development and teaching, in the past; and I don't mind doing documentation when its needed (many tech guys hate doing docs but I actually don't mind it).

Past employers I have worked for: DEC, Cisco, Juniper, ATT labs, SGI, Sun and some smaller startups, as well.

PM me if you think there could be a match with what you're looking for.




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