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I need someone to create pomodoro timer PCB

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I need someone to design the circuit, pcb and write a code (if we choose to use microcontroller)

The project is Pomodoro timer

By using pins and jumper header you setup what is the working length (like 30 minutes), and relax time like 5 minutes (see the image attached).
When you click the button the timer starts. LED progress bar shows countdown progress. Once 30 minutes pass - buzzer produces sound. Then the relax 5 minutes timer starts showing the led progress bar in different color. After 5 minutes of relaz timer buzzer produces different sound.

I want this to be done with the cheapest possible components. Initially was thinking of implementing without microcontroller, but it seems it would be more expensive due to bigger amount of components.

Please ask your questions or write your proposals

Put more description here -
Please PM me with you proposal, price, etc.

Power requirements?
Enclosure requirements?
Budget, money/time?
Prototype, final product?

I need the help of the person who will do this for me to figure out answers to those questions. I was thinking about CR2032 battery, so something that would running on 3.3V. But not sure how long it will work. So have no idea for now.

I don't want any enclosure for the first version. I also need to understand the possible size based on the solution you will propose. But probably I want something 100mmx50mm.

You can write your proposal or options about money and time, but have no idea how much it would cost. But guess somewhere within 100-500$

What does it mean "prototype/final product" in case of my task?

Presumably the competition is factored into to the business plan.
I am needing a gymnasium timer which is similar, for some physical therapy
Search "pomodero timer" , "gymnasium timer"
A number are available eg on Amazon ~$17 and up
Also many on Google Play with variations of options.

I just downloaded an app, thinking that there is no advantage in a physical timer.

Haha, thank you Captain Obvious. Still I want to build this project


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