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I never mind a small extra Challenge
« on: May 19, 2015, 09:23:32 pm »

I'm from (and in) the Netherlands.
I am a registered Freelancer (Consultant) for both Hardware and Software development and counselling.

Recently I went from a reasonably active full-time Freelancer to a 32hr/week Payroll position because my last customer didn't particularly want me to leave right away, but that leaves me some room to solve other puzzles in various ways and/or reward systems.
So, if anyone needs me I'm open to questions/requests/etc.

My main experience is in Assembler (Atmel AVR and from longer ago 8051, i286 and 68000), C and C++ (Linux and/or Embedded OS-less), Hardware design/development (Eagle and/or Altium now, previously UltiMate and PADS) and prototyping (as little as single-week design to test data in special circumstances).
With special interests in chemistry, (micro-) mechanics and correlations/puzzling.

See the attached profile for more dry information, or send a message for a more honest interaction ^-^
If it's a puzzle, I want to solve it.
If it's a problem, I need to solve it.
If it's an equation... mjeh, I've got Matlab
(not really though, Matlab annoys me).

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