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Is this job a hardware design job?

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Please see the following job ad....

The company is responsible for designing and producing high-tech machines and machine modules. We are expanding our business, therefore we are looking for an Electronics Integrator.
In our high-tech machine development projects, you will be responsible for making electrical schematics, generating product documentation in EPLAN tooling and maintaining our component library, together with other engineers. Besides that, you play a central role in the eventual integration of prototypes and production models. You are the first point of contact for questions regarding integration, production, (field) service and technical support. In the projects, you work together with electronic architect, designers, suppliers, but also colleagues from other disciplines such as mechanics and mechatronics. Part of your daily work is to develop test strategies, test performance specifications (TPS), test plans and execute them with all the necessary tools, test set-up or equipment. Afterwards, you make the Test Analyses Reports (TAR) and discuss them with stakeholders, and set up proposals for redesign if needed. Furthermore you are responsible for:
Review Electronic design, specification and requirements of electronic modules and systems,
Maintaining installed base lines,
Documenting test analysis results,
Develop, improve and ensure way of working/ procedures.
Hands-on work including troubleshooting
You are/You have/You can
Bachelor Degree in Electrical Engineering
At least 3 years of experience within the electronic field (motion and machine control, amplifiers, EMC, serviceability) of control systems and components for high-end equipment and/or products, in multidisciplinary development teams
Experience with EPLAN P8 software is a pre.
Proven hands-on experience
Team player, analytical, pragmatic, creative and pro-active
Good communication skills and proficient in English and preferably in Dutch.
Ambition for a broad personal development in the technology field (Electronics but also mechanics, etc.) and the personal field. (Team leader, communicator, etc.)
Good in time management and setting priorities

.....I cant tell whether this is a hardware design job or a project manager job?
Do you know?

It appears to be both hardware and liaison and some technical writing thrown in.

A sort of jack of all trades, guy Friday.  I think they are dreaming; very few people can do all of that.

Sounds high level, may not be much design work.  Enough work work for an engineer to do it, but all those reports and documentations may not keep a normal one sane.


In any case, it appears to be a high stress job requiring many talents and probably unpaid overtime.


--- Quote from: bob91343 on June 11, 2021, 05:52:33 am ---A sort of jack of all trades, guy Friday.  I think they are dreaming; very few people can do all of that.

--- End quote ---
That's OK. They only need one.


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