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Looking for new friends!!!


Hello my friends! As i said on my old topic i looked about the new work in US.

Now with the vile war with Ukraine (Slava Ukraine!!!) i'm been forced to leave fascist Russia.

Now i look for a new friends with radioamatuer, voltnuts, repairers & teardowners of any sort of test equipment and other electronic stuff.
I have some experience with old TDS3000-7000, DPO3000-7000 Tektronix and Lecroy 6000, 7000, WXI/XI-204 scopes, Fluke's, R&S, Voltmeters, Generators, Calibrators, and with some other interesting types of equip.
I'll gladly help if have any problems.

Now i'm located in LA, CA.
And ready to collaborate!!!

It is photo of only some equip from my testing park.


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