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Hi. I now live in Poland, but I plan to move to UK half a year from now, and I'm starting to look for a decent company. By 'decent' I mean generally honest and pro-consumer (unlike Apple, Samsung, or HP).
Yes, I've been watching Louis Rossmann videos for quite some time, and would like to work for a company that makes their appliances repairable and sustainable (I avoid using the term 'right to repair', because there is some controversy about it, and I don't want to be misunderstood). Louis mentions such companies sometimes, but all of them reside in the US (like System76, or Framework). I couldn't find any in the UK.

About my experience. For over 10 years I've been working as an electrical engineer (schematics and PCB design, mostly Altium CS, signals up to 2.5GHz), and embedded software engineer (both trivial and complex systems, mostly AVR and STM32 in C). I would appreciate any job that involves either PCB design or embedded software (preferably both), and I am open to try and learn new things (like FPGA). I am going to create a detailed profile in a week or so.

My plan is to find a company now to work remotely, so we can know each other, and move there on the Skilled Worker visa in January. I don't have a specific area in mind I would like to live in in the UK, but I would prefer warmer and dryer place, and definitely outside huge cities (London is out of the question).

I would appreciate any advice, suggestions and ideas.

How did the move go?

Take a look at business and innovation parks in Cambridge or Oxford, they are huge centres of technology jobs in the UK. For example, Cambridge Science Part, or St. John's Innovation Centre I Oxford there is Milton Park If you want visa sponsorship look at larger companies. For example, Qualcomm has offices in Cambridge, there are also other huge electronics companies there too.


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