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Looking for an admin/support job in IT, maybe more


I currently live in Pennsylvania, USA, and in the process of looking for a better job, preferably one within the IT support/repair field, programming fields, or within digital forensics. Mostly self taught, as I used to work on aircraft avionics systems in the military. PM me for questions and my resume, if (you) are in need of an admin/support position to be filled.

Thanks, cheers!

How far from Baltimore?

Sorry for the late reply, been a tiny bit busy. I'm roughly two and a half hours away from Baltimore. What are you offering? Can PM me if you want.


For what it's worth, I can personally vouch for 'sarge'. The stuff I've seen this guy do with electronics, programming and anything to do with Linux is certainly up there in the top echelons of computing experts, despite being self-taught. If he doesn't know something, he'll find out and spend time learning something previously unknown (almost to his own personal detriment). If he lived in Sydney, I'd have hired him myself.

Whilst he's not extremely active on the forum, he is part of the small team that helps run the official EEVblog IRC channel and is always around.

Highly recommend! (And he's a good bloke too)


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