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Looking for electronic engineering jobs, Southampton UK and surrounding area


I'm looking for work in the Southampton area. I've been working in an R&D environment for 5 years since I finished university, it has given me varied and enjoyable work but it looks like the business is starting to move away from hardware. If anyone's aware of any vacancies coming up I'd like to hear about them. I'm open to other suggestions and advice, I haven't applied for a job in 5 years and that was a graduate scheme.

Extract from my CV, see attachment for the rest:
I am an electronic engineer with nearly five years’ experience. My background is in physics and I have extensive practical and design experience in both analogue and digital electronics. I am able to apply my wide physics and engineering knowledge to new tasks and this often leads to my seeing innovative solutions to engineering problems. I consider my problem solving skills and ability to come up with original ideas to be the most important part of my engineering skill-set. I can use a wide range of engineering tools, simulation software and test equipment.


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