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Title: Looking for LabVIEW or Electronics/Embedded Design Project (Remote)
Post by: aiq25 on April 07, 2017, 07:01:14 pm
Hello. I'm an electrical engineer with a Masters degree in EE. I have about 5 years of industry experience developing hardware and software as well as hardware validation. Currently I'm working as a design engineer. I can send a CV via PM on request.

Additionally I have LabVIEW experience, currently I don't have a LabVIEW license.

I'm looking for a project I can work on remotely. I have the following experience:
- Schematics, circuit simulation (analog and digital)
- Debugging and testing hardware and software
- LabVIEW software development (data acquisition, sensor monitoring, data logging, lab equipment control, CAN-to-USB, etc...)
- Familiar with some PCB designing
- Soldering (can solder down to 0603 components)
- Have developed software for Freescale (16-bit, S12G family), Microchip (PIC12, PIC16, PIC18) microcontrollers and Arduino
- Also have experience with SPI, UART, CAN and PSI5 communication protocols

Please send me a PM if your interested in my help. I can work on short or long term projects.