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Looking for Part-time job Embedded System/Firmware (Min 20 hours/week)



I'm looking for a remote part-time job with something related to my experience in Embedded System/Firmware. I have more than 6 years of experience in:

* Firmware Development (including low-level physical drivers and application code).
* Building projects around different MCU families .i.e: EFM32 - ESP32 (WiFi) , NRF52832 (Bluetooth BLE), AVR, dsPIC, ..
* Schematic and PCB drawing (Eagle CAD).
* Interfacing Electronics with Computer Programs: Python scripts, QT Framework, FT232H Programming.
* Prototyping skills: soldering, debugging using LAB instruments: Logic Analyzer - Oscilloscope , ...etc
* Technical writer:
Please PM if you like to check my resume / past work examples or ask me any question here.



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