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I am finishing my studies as a student in Greece with a major in physics and a specialization in electronics engineering (it is a minimum 4 year studies program) and
would like to work as an electronics engineer somewhere in Germany (preferably in the wider area of Niedersachsen or Nordrhein Westfalen but still not only).

Through my studies and personal endeavors I have developed skills in programming (mainly C), designing circuits (analog and digital),
prototyping (anything from bread boarding and soldering to developing PCBs) and reworking / repairing.

I speak Greek and English fluently and my German language skills are good and improving.

I have already spent time (six months) in a German University (University of Bremen) as an exchange program (Erasmus) student, where I wrote my thesis on characterizing
and integrating a tactile pressure sensor in an existing robotic platform.

I have taken part in electronics designing competitions (Texas Instruments Analog Design Contest) and either in amateur or university organized robotics and electronics exhibitions.

When asked, I can provide with a resume in either English or German in a personal message or email, but I will not post them publicly.
More details on my skills can though be either openly or personally discussed.

Thank you very much for your time and effort,
With best regards,

Eleftherios Provatos,
Thessaloniki, Greece
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