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Title: more than 7 years professional experience in pcb designer and mcu programming
Post by: navidrct on July 17, 2018, 08:14:49 pm
I'm navid ansari and I'm from Iran
and I'm Electrical Engineer with 7+ years of experience working with Designing High Frequency PCB , Designing Fly back Power
Supply with power integration devices , Designing with all kind of microcontroller like
ARM(NXP,ST,Atmel,TI,,…)AVR(Microchip/Atmel)8051(TI)and professional Programmer in C/C++ for all Kind of
Microcontroller. Primarily focused on implementation of digital systems. Excellent interpersonal and communication abilities,
and possess a wide range of technical skills. Enjoys being part of a team.
I just need to be funded to be able to continue my education for master degree
please look at my resume