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Netherlands: .NET/C# programmer wants to get closer to embedded
« on: October 25, 2016, 03:47:54 pm »

I am looking for a potential job in the Netherlands.

I am an experienced (15 years) Microsoft .NET C# programmer and solution architect. I have worked with many Microsoft Tools and products such as Visual Studio (duh!), SQL Server, BizTalk etc. and done a bit of Windows Azure development too. I also have experience in writing (some) assembly and C/C++ (>8 years) and know a couple of AVR Microcontrollers. I've done a couple of hobby electronics projects - with Arduino and beyond. I know how to use a scope/analyzer and can read schematics and have some experience in designing and producing electronics (homebrew z80 computer), working with KiCad (and some Eagle). I am interested in IoT. I am older than 45.

So my question to all Dutch members of this forum: What would be a good way to find a job where I could do backend (Azure) cloud design and development - preferably .NET and also be involved in embedded design and development. Or do you know of any companies that do what I am looking for? I prefer smaller companies (<200).

Any tips you may have are most welcome.
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