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I am willing to take on a few jobs from time to time to assemble PCBs ( You can either supply all parts, etc.. and I'll charge based on the job - you can also choose to supply solder, flux, etc.. used or I can use what I typically use which is lead-free components, solder, flux, etc.. ). I have a rework station with a hot air gun and wand, plus a soldering iron which can reach high temperatures and sustain them so I wouldn't be using a cheap iron and therefore damaging components by leaving an iron on something for 10 minutes while it heats up enough. While my unit is inexpensive, it works very well...

I can also offer to clean the pcbs after assembly to remove all or most traces of flux, solder, etc...

Here is an example of previous work - notice how clean the boards are .. - I used all ROHS compliant parts, solder, flux, etc.. for the assembly. I used solder-paste and a heat-wand to solder the components. Afterwards I washed the boards thoroughly to remove all traces of the manufacturing / assembly process...


I also do computer repair ( Laptops, desktops, etc... I typically do not work with MAC built PCs - but I will if it is a standard non-mac product running a MAC OS ). I can do anything from virus removal, software updates, installation, Operating System reinstall with updates, and more... If you have a virus or more on your computer and don't want to reformat, I am excellent at removing self-replicating viruses, and more... Typically the worst case is the OS needs to be repaired if too many core files have been injected - but I can typically replace those files directly to avoid needing to do that.

I can either use remote desktop to resolve your issues although it's usually best to have the PC with me..

I offer PC Building services too - You don't need to be in the area for this - you can ask me to build a PC and give me your requirements. I'll submit several options with pros / cons, etc.. of each.. I do require the cost of parts to be paid up-front or the parts ordered by you and sent to me. I charge anywhere from $25 to $125 for this service depending on complexity and options. I will not delid a CPU for you unless you sign a waiver stating the component loses its warranty and can be permanently damaged by the delidding process. I am also able to set up water cooling, etc.. however the fluid will need to be added by you if I ship it - if you pick it up I can either add it for you or let you do it. For water cooled machines which are shipped - I am ok with installing the OS for you, however I will drain the system before shipping ( Some connectors have seals to keep the liquid in so the lines can be disconnected and retain the liquid - for this case I'd drain the main liquid tank if there is any possibility that the liquid can escape to avoid it damaging components on the way to you )..


If I build the PC for you and there is a DOA item ( Dead on arrival ) or a part which goes bad during installation - I will file the RMA for you ( however if I purchase the components, I will use Amazon Prime or NewEgg Premier so there'd be quick / easy replacements available - the downside is the PC will take longer to ship or to get to you )... Note: If the part isn't necessary then I can either ship on time and send you the part after I receive it and walk you through installing it yourself for no extra charge. Or you can choose to wait until the entire unit is completed.

Shipping is not included in the fee... Local Pickup is free.. Local Delivery or Meeting ranges based on distance / fuel cost.


I am also able to walk you through building a computer if you want to order the parts and build it yourself but want someone available to answer questions, or walk you through step by step. I charge anywhere from $25 to $50 / hour with variable rates per hour depending on what's done... ie for basic adding the board to the pc, adding other components, running wires neatly, etc.. would be the lower end of the spectrum, and then the hour or time when we start setting up water cooling or other complex tasks would raise the price - I am willing to negotiate a per job fee too...


I also offer tutoring services for learning to code... I typically teach GMod Lua ( A variant of Lua using C style operators and continue ), Lua or Python but I know dozens of languages. For new students, I'd prefer teaching Lua as it is a higher level language, powerful, easy to get fundamentals in place and doesn't introduce bad habits as Python does.... I teach debugging, creating, using and interpreting coding standards ( How code is styled - this is incredibly important especially if you plan on working for a company, or in a large team as it costs a company a huge amount of time and money if their code looks like it was written by many different people not on the same page.... If everyone sticks to the same style then the code is uniform and easier to maintain because everyone knows how everything is written and what certain things in the code style means -- for instance... I use _s for local variables, __ for private, none for global or file-scoped variables, all upper case for ENUMeration and CONSTants... I also use an airy style of coding so ( _a, _b, _c ) instead of (a,b,c).. The underscores alone makes debugging a LOT easier because if there's an error involving a certain variable and it has an underscore, or 2, or none.. then I immediately know the scope it should reside in and it makes it easier to trace what's wrong and why it's wrong... Simple design choices such as these make a HUGE difference when it comes to debugging, maintaining, etc.. your code.. )

I prefer to use Steam for teaching because I also prefer to use Garry's Mod as the platform of choice for teaching Lua / GMod Lua as game development requires you to optimize your code or you'll see slowdowns... Additionally, Garry's Mod has a built in auto-refresh feature so as soon as you save the file the new code is added to the system and executes so you see your changes INSTANTLY... It also, being a game, offers ways to visualize code processes, etc.. without having to write extra systems and it helps in teaching because it's like having a blackboard in 3D, in color to describe what happens and why... It also uses realms ( Code executing in the Client VS Server or both despite executing separately ) which is helpful to teach because there are many instances where code runs in numerous locations and it helps understand why code needs to be executed in one place over the other - and helps explain data verification and more...

For slowdowns - it's one thing to have a console window and a start / stop time to have a stopwatch showing how long something takes to run, and averaging thousands of calls to give an idea how your code runs versus actually feeling the slowdowns and feeling the changes as you make each change / save... I do go into Big O a little bit to help describe execution cost..

Additionally, because there is a server and client, it helps visualize how other languages work such as web languages, securing data / verification - ie never trust user input / data, how to network / communicate between the two realms, and more... And, there are modules available so sockets can be used, Database programming too ( MySQL modules are available, but SQLite is built in )...

Overall it's just a fantastic tool to help educate... And, it's a game so people are more likely going to want to stick with it since they can create a game within the game - or modify an existing game-mode, etc... the real-time changes saves time too - no need to recompile a program before testing it, then running - finding an error, and having to repeat... On save you'll see an error or not - and it happens very very fast ( depending how many files you load it can be instantly or 2 seconds or so with thousands of files - the one bad thing about the system is it doesn't detect which file has changed automatically - it reloads all instead of just reloading the one file but that can be fixed by coding a solution yourself or using my framework )....

Currently I teach for free only asking whether or not you want to donate to help out... I do this to help with my depression due to a car accident May 7, 2011 which left me in a state of living-death... in constant pain, humiliation, hell, etc.. By educating others, I am passing on decades of experience and it helps me feel productive even though it's very difficult for me to do much of anything....
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