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PCB design courses to gain exsperience as a harware engineer.

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Hi there

I am a new engineering graduate(BEng) working for a small company in South Africa. I have about 1 year experience. I do some embedded c programming and PCB layout work for my company. I Realize that I still have very little experience, but I would like to gain some more experience and or certification that would make me more relevant in the industry.
Any suggestions on some paid(reputable) online courses that I can enroll in and gain experience as a PCB design engineer? I have done some basic 2 layer layouts, with moderate success. So I know the basics, but would like to move a step up. There seem to be a great amount of PCB design courses for beginners, but not to much for more intermediate to advanced users. I would like to be more employable for job opportunities outside South Africa. The company I work for will never truly do more advanced hardware development, and this type of work is quite scarce in South Africa.

I would appreciate any comments and or advice.

One option is FEDEVEL Academy, but it is primarily targetted at Altium users

Hi Kean

I am considering FEDEVEL academy, I regularly follow his videos on you-tube.  I can not afford Altuim. I am more interested in the theory and calculations than the CAD software, but I suppose you will have to follow along. Some sort of certification is also important to me.
Thanks so much for your input!
 If I can not find anything else I am definitely considering FEDEVEL.

If you can't afford Altium and don't have access through your employer, then look at CircuitMaker which is a free cut down version and possibly sufficient to follow along with the FEDEVEL courses.

I'd actually suggest learning KiCAD may be quite a good option now that V6 is released, and there are some good resources for it.

Another option is the Contextual Electronics course although it may be too basic for you.

Hi Kean

I am currently using Kicad at my employer. I am excited about Kicad 6. I will have a look at circuitmaker in the meantime.
Thank you.


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