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Title: PCB design for vacuum tube related projects (And anything else)
Post by: flowib on June 22, 2020, 01:34:10 am
I know its a long shot.

I'm available for PCB design for vacuum tube based board designs.  This is what i like to do. I have done switchmode inverters and power electronics as well but my expertise is in vacuum tube designs. Amplifiers preamps power supplies ect. I think i have over 100 designs under my belt by now.

I have ample experience designing boards up to 500x300m see attached for a screengrab of the current push pull amplifier i'm working on.

My EDA of choice is EAGLE, i have yet to transistion to Kicad

Im unlikely to be satisfied with my routing so there is a chance i will import the design into TopoR to create some vintage looking PCB's  See the second example attached.

Asking €0.10 per square cm so a 100x100mm board is €10 the price is double for anything that doesnt have a vacuum tube on it.

I know im relatively cheap, i prefer to keep in touch by means of the instant messaging platform telegram, this is non negotiable as i don't check my email that often and whatsapp is horrible.