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Our company offers the following services:

Schematics & PCB Design
Manufacturing of Electronic Devices
Firmware, Software development (AVR, ARM, RISC)
Help in building Internet of Things projects


Just drop us your task and you will be amazed how fast it is completed!

Our recent works:
1. Luggage office controller:

2. IoT WiFi Hub

3. AC-DC converter

Lots more on our website!

More impressive if you'd spelt Design (PCB Desing...) correctly.

Also, your company is in Poland? But your flag is USA??

Bob F.:
... and apparently they only make 3d designs of stuff and something that looks like it has been left in the dishwasher for some reason...  :-//

Why are spammers always so clueless?

A water wash process is absolutely normal once boards have come out of a reflow oven, there's nothing unusual about that at all.

Hi, All!

Sorry for the spelling errors. I am not spammer.  Moderators, please un-ban my previous account (mav) so I can do corrections to my original post.

We do not only 3Ds, but a real-world PCBs too:

BTW. We wash PCBs in ultrasonic cleaner with isopropanol.

I thought this is forum for seeking contract work. I don't understand what rules I am violating by this post?


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