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Hello everyone,

I am UK based Electronics Engineering Technician. Looking for extra work including:

  • PCB prototype assemblies up to IPC Class 3 (hand soldering up to 0402 SMD components)
  • Prototype cable and harness assemblies - solder lugs, crimping, wire loop
  • General prototyping (mechanical fitting, system assembly etc.)
  • Microscope inspection and basic functional testing
  • FDM 3D printing

I have unlimited access to stereo microscopes (USB included, could do HD pictures), good soldering stations (JBC, Ersa), quality test equipment (Agilent, BK Precision, Fluke) and decent 3D printer.

All work need to be in small quantities (up to 10 - 12 boards populated with medium density) as I specialise in R&D type prototyping. If you are a start up, student, professional maker or just hobbyst that makes vital electronic assembly for your new machine contact me - I am happy to help.

Regarding pricing and costs I think we can work something out. I can also source components (DigiKey, Farnell) as I have accounts in different suppliers so it can save you the hassle. In that case there would be a "Start up" charge covering costs of kit / components for your request.

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