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Places to look, suggestions?


So I've had this job from single grad, to married, to house full of kids.  Now I need a new one. 

Unfortunately nothing within reasonable driving distance and it's hard to tell what some of these far away areas might be like. 

e.g. the electronic industry is moving in/out, what are the schools like, cost of living, the commute, the knowledge pool, etc.

So I'm just looking for suggestions as to where in the USA you might recommend I look.    My experience is in manufacturing, testing and design of low power electronic assemblies. 

Any help would be appreciated. 

74 views and no suggestions.  hmm.. 

Well I guess that kind of makes sense.  This part of the forum is only really viewed by people in my same situation. 

Maybe a different subforum would be a better.

I guess your question is too broad and nothing you can't lookup for yourself.

Have to tried or the like?
Have you applied or research places like Cypress or even RackSpace or Tesla's GigaFactory?

Is not like there are not plenty of resources and places and it's hard to tell by your short post what you are after and what have you researched already.


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