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Title: Please help me find a remote programming job, embedded STM32, STM8, PIC, MIPS...
Post by: rhodges on February 13, 2020, 05:10:40 pm
Hi, Richard here. I have been semi-retired for a while now, working on my own projects. I live in Wyoming, and there is NO tech anywhere here. But my last programming job was almost 4 years and 100% remote. I can do it again.

My work speaks for itself, but I need connections to get a programming job. HR people just don't understand what I can do, and ALWAYS say "no". Do you know someone (who knows someone) who can use my programming skills? I would really appreciate connections!

I have developed on all levels, but if I get to choose, I enjoy embedded programming the most. Over the years, I have programmed inventory control cash registers in 6809, streaming video in embedded MIPS, various personal projects with PIC, STM8 (please browse my public code on github), and now STM32.

I have also programed at the kernel level and application layer for the FreeBSD ATM network stack, and have written network device drivers, MPEG decoder, video encoder, and other FreeBSD and Linux drivers.

I invite you to browse my public STM8 code samples here. It is a good example of my current code style and documentation (see the wiki). (

I do not have my STM32 code up  yet, but I am happy to tar it up and send it to you. I can use HAL, but I prefer "bare metal". I plan to push it to github when I have a nice ecosystem for it.

Here are links to my github repository, where you can easily browse through my public code for STM8 architecture. The wiki pages describe the libraries: ( ( (

Some of my ancient code samples and network tips are here: (

You can read some information at my LinkedIn profile: (

I am open to full time, part time, projects, etc. Again, my work speaks for itself, and shows that I don't need a supervisor watching my every move.