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Seek move to Germany for electronics due to Brexit

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I am electronics engineer with BEng(I) Hons Electronics  from Birmingham university and have experience of 30 UK based electronics companies over 20 years.

I wish to Move to Germany for good  and become a German citizen if possible......but of course, only if it is considered i can contribute to Germany's success, ..near Essen, Dusseldorf, Bochum , Wuppertal, Duisberg or along the Rhein-hohne canal kind of region.....even down to Bonn, Cologne etc

How do UK citizens re-locate to Germany now?....i look on Gov't website but its so confusing.

Also, do you know any recruiting agencies that help people find work in Germany? I must admit, i also like the sound of Belgium &  Switzerland.

Mr. Scram:
treez, is that you?

I understand the desire to leave the UK if you want to remain as an electronics engineer for the next 20 years. What puzzles me is why you didn't make the move in 2016, before your options started to shrink? This sounds like the lack of foresight and planning that has made British industry what it is today.

Thanks, yes, i know loads of UK engineers who want to move to Germany or BeNeLux....there must be a recruitment agency that facilitates this..but i cant find it?

Reminds me at Mark Knoepflers "Why aye man".

You are late. Your options are growing less. Probably harder in 3 weeks.
Good places for EEs are Bavaria and the Stuttgart area. Avoid Munich
and Stuttgart itself. You pay more rent there than anyone can earn.
That said, we are currently killing/selling our car and electronics industries ourselves.
Try or, or



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