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Serial over UDP using ESP8266



I need serial over UDP using ESP8266 module Wroom-02. I managed to make it receive data, but am unable to send it. Receiving end will be windows 11 machine, data rate 500K baud.

This job has no dead line, but the sooner the better.

This is something done by the ESP community before. There is a project called esp-link for implementing a WiFi-Serial bridge with a dashboard. I've made a tutorial regarding this, found here.

Thank you. I had searched a lot, but failed to find this one. I will fallow tutorial and hopefully it works.

How are you programming the ESP8266?   What libraries?

I did some UDP TX/RX on an ESP once using arduino to hack something together quickly.
I think it was a ESP32 but it was very trivial to send/receive data over UDP and should be identical for ESP8266.

I have no idea if the arduino backend can handle 500K baud.

Even if you don't want to program it in arduino, can be useful to test and confirm everything else in your setup is not the problem for UDP tx/rx.
Don't want to spend 5 hours chasing a UDP coding bug only to find it was actually the windows firewall blocking receiving commands etc..

Georgy.Moshkin helped my to figure this out. He found AT commands firmware which works with windows 11 and it did. Before that I tried programming Arduino, but it took ages to connect and did not transmit messages. Only reception worked. I also thought that it was windows firewall, but it was not. AT firmware + standard commands works wonders.

Also AT firmware connect to DHCP Wifi much faster than arduino code and draws significantly less power, and supports UART speeds I need.


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