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Title: Simple PLC PCB layout, testing
Post by: iceisfun on July 13, 2019, 09:37:08 pm
I'm looking for someone who can do a GPIO board that holds a Raspberry Pi 3b+

Pi will be mounted, attached image shows kind of how this might work. The board does not have to be of any specific size.

For power we have a +24VDC line from passive POE and we have been using DC to DC converters to power our PI +5v, it would be nice to build this into the board to make installation easier

Inputs, isolated 0-24v - Most of the sensors we use are banner eng QS18VN6LPQ8
Outputs, SSR driven

Connectors, We would like to put some kind of pluggable connectors on the edge of the board for each input and output, or a screw terminal block could also work for us.

Contact me if your interested in working on something like this and we can get on a call.

No software work necessary

PS - right now we are doing this job with these Brainbox ethernet driven GPIO modules : (