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Hello Everyone,

     My name is David Alvarez and I'm starting my SMT prototyping service, I have a pick and place machine and essemtec reflow oven, clean room with filtered air. I have 12 years building surface mount prototypes by hand and on a machine.  Resistors and Capacitors as small as 0402, currently unable to place BGA's or anything that requires x-ray inspection, QFN'S have been placed without any problems.  Was currently only building prototypes for college students (I'm a college student) and am ready to branch out.  will need completely kitted package i.e. pcb's, components, stencil (osh Stencils) 5 mil. I have the  ability to hand solder and install through hole components as well. contact me for a quote, willing to undercut quotes from different manufacturing plants. 5 to 10 business day turnaround time and quantities from 1-50 depending on size of board and time constraints.  email:  Phone: USA 915-765-7418 accepting paypal (preferred) and all major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, Discover, JBC) Working on website which will hold more information. No setup Costs!!


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