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I've been a software developer since the Commodore 64 and Apple II.  Self-taught and motivated, it's taken me to work at Microsoft, startups, and most recently, 12 years of successful full-stack web consulting specializing in Drupal.  I'm a maker at heart, and am currently the vice president of our local makerspace.  I teach classes and do talks about software, hardware, and art regularly.

I've been building my firmware and hardware experience steadily for the last 10 years.  I'd like to switch gears and do embedded full time.  Today I'm looking for contracting and full-time remote opportunities for embedded software development, PCB layout, and circuit design.  I could relocate for the right opportunity.

Some accomplishments:

  • Key fob security system at Bozeman Makerspace.  Raspberry pi, RFID, magnetic lock, prototype PCB, LCD display, code in Python.  Internal web interface built on Laravel PHP, secured with certificate authentication.  MQTT logging and Slack notifications.
  • Aurora Borealis animated light box product.  Atmega 328p based hardware design, one button interface, power circuitry, custom PCBs, custom firmware, laser cut and CNC case.
     Video below.
  • DIY Arduino kits "DIY Dino".  Entirely through-hole Arduino IDE compatible kit, using dirt cheap USB to serial modules.
  • LED wall art installation.  6 x 8 foot wall of APA102 addressable LEDs with visual effects in Python on Raspberry Pi.  Custom one-off level-shifting interface board and power distribution.
  • Full color spinning POV art installation.  Dual 1 meter full-color POV displays showing imagery and animations in a public space.  Custom one-off level-shifting interface board, hall effect sensor circuitry, slip ring power distribution.  Software in Python and C on Raspberry Pi.  Video below.
  • Sound reactive LED light suit.  Arduino Pro Mini based custom controller PCB, with 6 mosfet channels to drive LED strips, microphone and remote control in sleeve, LiPo powered.
     Video below.
  • IoT data logging temperature sensor built on ESP8266 with WiFI and MQTT.  Custom one-off circuit board.
Project blog here:

Resume attached

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