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Software plus hardware guru available
« on: December 13, 2018, 03:51:14 am »

I am PhD qualified in computer science, I am familiar with all sorts of systems small to large and have created world leading PC software. One specialization is in Mathematical Optimization, another is in Operating Systems, yet another is in Compiler Design. However, I spend the most time on embedded development because I enjoy it the most.

For the past year or so I was working on a complex project that required extreme creativity in designing over-the-air protocols for peer to peer radio communication, discovery, routing and ranging, as well as an intensely mathematical component in which I've been making an STM32F7 micro perform deep extraction, analysis and filtering on collected data and display results graphically. In the process I created an innovative 2D polygon package, an outline fonts rendering package, a simulator and many other things.

I'm very versatile and I bring a huge commitment and creativity to your/our projects.

As current work is coming to an end (product was recently awarded Best in Show at a European industry event), I am looking for a new challenge. I'd prefer it to be hardware related, at least to some extent.

I have done a fair bit of power electronics and digital and analog design for personal projects which obviously helps a lot when asked to program others' hardware, I would like to do more of this in a commercial setting.

Of course, I am also very good on setting up simulations and test environments due to my software and PC background. I can of course program your product too, and port Linux to it, or provide Linux drivers to interface to it, or a built-in or public webserver or other standard protocols like DHCP, FAT filesystem, Bluetooth, or whatever you need. I tend to use Open Source components such as network stacks, etc.

Please PM me on these boards. Resume on request.

I am based in Melbourne, Australia.

kind regards,
Dr Nicholas Downing

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