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Taking on occasional contract work whilst employed full time-How to begin?

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I've been wondering recently about taking on, or at least not refusing, the occasional offer of work in addition to my full time job.
I'm just wondering how does someone do this legally in the UK. Is it best to talk to an accountant about registering as a sole trader? Or is setting up as a limited company the best route? Or is it just not worth it if work is very occasional or sporadic?
I don't envisage much work coming my way, as I'm not actively seeking it at the moment. However, maybe it could be a good idea to be ready just in case. Has anyone done or is doing this, and how does it work for you? Thanks.

PS Any YouTube video's that cover this subject worth watching?


--- Quote --- Is it best to talk to an accountant about registering as a sole trade
--- End quote ---
no need to get accountants involved,just tell the tax man,then fill in your self assessment tax every year

Be sure your current employer allows that.  If so, keep the two jobe scrupulously separate.

If the current employer does not have outside business activities policy, you do not have to let them know. Otherwise it is typically required either to speak to the current manager or submit a form or both. If the outside business is not related to your full time company business and do not take time from workours, they would allow it.

I don't know about other countries, but in the US there have been cases where the employment contract contained a clause stating that any creative commercial work you produce while an employee, regardless of whether it's on your own time, is the property of the employer unless and until they grant a release of said work.

I couldn't believe it when I first heard about it back in college in the 80's. I was looking for a job and was talking to the manager of a local Radio Shack. We were gabbing about electronics and I mentioned that I love to dabble and build stuff during my off-time. He gave me a very serious look and explained that Radio Shack would exert ownership on anything I made. I was incredulous, and needless to say, did not pursue a job there. But later on I heard this was really a thing with some corporations, including in the software engineering field which was my field.

I don't know how prolific it is, or if it legally can be enforced everywhere, but I'd make sure to go over my employment contract with a fine toothed comb (or straight up ask your HR dept and get the answer in writing) just to avoid any surprises later.


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