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Texas based Engineering Recruiters ? (For example), opportunity info ?


   I've been wondering what resources, in Engineering, for an existing Silicon Valley, San Jose, career person, for just basic checking.  Maybe, I don't even completely think that way, perhaps there is a friendly, recruiter who can make a decent case.  ?
   There might be things I've not noticed, like,... Tennessee opportunity waiting.  Do some U.S. states operate (hopefully ethical) an info office, like nearby to San Francisco ?  If so, might be worth my time, to go have a talk, do lunch...(or even a Starbucks chitchat)./?

   I'm fairly naieve about the whole job search and resume thing, but it's only fair, if some sensible state has claim, to operate some needed recruitment...
   Thanks for reading; I'm too much of a tech nerd to be major effective,...(typical shy Software dude).

   Resume looks generically like an aging firmware developer.  Univ. degree, hardware based.
Special skills list can include decent grasp of correct written form, technical writer, instructor also.  That's a decent strong point, as many engineers don't do so stellar, in document prep and basic Grammer presentation.
   Good mechanical skills, prototype layout and packaging design (actually packaging is not often part of any EE tasks).


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