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What should I type into the LinkedIn jobs search for ee/ce internships?


So I just had an internship with the Radiation Physics Group at NIST working on a nanoscale dosimeter where I built finite-element models and wrote Fortran 90 code to simulate physical forces, and I received an invitation to return for a full-time summer internship in 2021, but it's not for me. It was just me and my mentor, no team, no other interns, no coworkers, and it was remote and far from what I have enjoyed.

My other extracurricular experience includes working with the IEEE at college where I wrote C code and compiled it onto a software to simulate a maze-solving algorithm on a maze-navigating robot using the A* (A star) search algorithm. The goal was to get some hardware to load it on, but we never got that far. In fact I just wrote up the code, school ended, and I stayed busy with other priorities. Big priorities. Big.

In contrast to my internship, I'm looking for something where I may work with a team, working with C programming, or Verilog, or both, digital systems and with macroscale electronics (as opposed to the nanoscale thermometer technology), or large-scale systems (idk like VLSI or ASICs), or embedded programming; and at this point I'm just dropping buzzwords and I hope you can chime in.

So what do you recommend I search, look-up, keep my eyes opened for, ask the university & professors about, etc etc.

Here's my resume and thanks if you contribute :D

P.S. sorry, if this doesn't fit here. I think it does.  :P

If you're young and willing to travel, try CERN...


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