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Wish to setup a workshop building drones


 We need financial assistance in setting up a workshop to build drones. We are Power Electronics Engineers.
Please  do you know where i can get this financial assistance?

Specially we need to build the three phase BLDC inverters for the drone motors as these are not readily available in UK/EU/Australia/USA.

We can build the whole drone.
Some of the drones will be carriers, some will be surveillance, and some will be "group drones" which line up in the air to spread an RF  signal to other drones  so that this signal
is not obliterated by RF jamming devices.

I'm afraid financial support will be hard to come by if the founding team only covers a single, relatively narrow aspect of the drone design. (And consequently believes that the BLDC inverters are the most critical design task.)

You would need to have not only broader technical skills, to do a full design concept and risk analysis for the various drone variants -- but also the business acumen and experience to write a proper business plan. Then take those proposals to a bank, business angel etc., or maybe some government agency given the defense angle. But at the moment you seem to be several steps away from that.

BLDC inverters design and build  is what is lacking in the EU/UK.
The flight controller is more complicated, but that is free download code.
In truth, soon throughout the EU and UK, people will be building these things in their sheds, and sending them off to be used by the once-comedian/actor.

Let me guess, the customer is Ukraine for both the technologies you are asking questions about.  :-//

Come on, drones that are non susceptible to RF jamming and a device to send out a big enough jamming pulse to impair lots of electronics devices nearby.

I don't get it, you are all over the place with questions. Then it is SMPS related, then it is starting a business, in the beginning fairly stupid questions about thievable  scopes and wetting your wooden floor to overcome ESD.

Tell us the truth, what is it, trolling, naive with a disability or just plain right stupid.

@Faringdon, this is the second offence, clearly violating forum rules as this is clearly with regards to the Ukraine war. Please refrain from discussing political topics here. Thank you for your cooperation.



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