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Work wanted in Melbourne from mid-November


David Aurora:
Hi, probably a long shot but I thought I'd post something here as well just to be as pro-active as possible.

I'm moving from Queensland to Melbourne (Brunswick, in particular) in November, and will be looking for work. My experience is mostly design/building/maintenance of pro audio equipment, though like most of us here, I'm sure, I've used those skills fixing all sorts of things from household appliances to automotive systems and everything in between.

Plenty of experience soldering both through hole and SMD work with both irons and hot air guns, testing/diagnosing problems using CRO's/DSO's/multimeters/function generators/distortion analysers/etc., following schematics, designing and making PCB's and enclosures, repairing damaged PCB's as well as basic micro controller programming skills. I also have a test & tag certificate and will be getting a plug top replacement certificate when I get to Melbourne (course/certificate is not available in Queensland without being a licensed electrician).

I'll be driving down so I'll have my own transport as well as my own tools/test gear if necessary. If these skills could be used somewhere for assembly or repair work, feel free to PM me and I can follow up with further information.



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