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Title: Senior Electronics Engineering student, looking for an 8 month internship
Post by: AnasMalas on January 02, 2022, 07:52:57 pm

I am a senior Electrical Engineering student, with a passion in electronics and design. Part of my university's graduation requirements is an 8 month "apprenticeship", in which I join a company acting like an intern for a couple of months in which I will learn the company's flow, and then I would be a contributing employee until I finish my 8 months.

The type of company I would prefer to join would be one that sells niche to mass market products. I am seeking whatever experience will help me and not afraid to get into things like marketing, documentation, support, site-work etc, though engineering and engineering related documentation still has to be a major part of it.

Attached are my resume, and a PCB/schematic which is a part of a project that I am finishing up. I am located in Jordan which does not have such opportunities and will relocate to your city for that time period. This would start around July 2022 (that is when I finish all my university courses, leaving just this to go for my degree).

Your team might need an extra hand, someone to offload some workload. Even if such an opportunity isnt open, it never hurts to check with your manager. Please do not hesitate to message or call me.

if you have general tips or advice (is this post too long? is my resume color palette too funky?), please feel free to reply!

Thank you!