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    EEVblog #917 – Mailbag

    Lots of teardown mix in today’s Mailbag And Windows 10 SBC action, along with Sony and the Russians. Forum HERE SPOILERS: Latte Panda single board computer Sony Pyxis IPS-30 GPS Teardown Creative Zen music player teardown Panasonic CF-U1 Toughbook Raspberry Pi 3 enclosure Electrical insulation in a spray can HP ...

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    EEVblog #915 – Dumpster Dive LCD TV Salvage

    Turning a dumpster dive 50″ LG LCD TV into a light panel Fun with a spectrometer, and light meter measurements. Also looking at the diffusion and prism layers of typical LCD TV’s. Part 2 HERE LED LCD Panel Teardown VIDEO 3M Brightness Enhancement Films Forum HERE EEVblog #915 - Dumpster ...

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