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    EEVblog #977 – Keysight 1000X Hacking – Part 1

    How to find and inspect hidden serial UART terminal ports inside equipment. Dave finds the uBoot Windows CE UART part in the new Keysight 1000 X-Series oscilloscope and uses the info to find some of the product mode configuration pins. A hardware hack shows that changing product configuration modes in ...

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    Product & Circuit Design Brainstorming

    Dave and David2 brainstorm new uCurrent and other product design options. Autoranging systems, low current measurement design, noise, overload, USB isolation, ADC’s, Gold vs Platinum, marketing, market direction, and a host of other stuff in this often tangential session. And what common component name did Dave pronounce embarrassingly wrong for ...

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    EEVblog #975 – Human vs Autorouter

    Which produces the better PCB layout, a human or a computer? By popular request, a walkthough to see what the Altium Situs Autorouter can do on the Nixie tube PCB layout. Does it beat Dave’s human layout? How useful are autorouters? Forum HERE EEVblog #975 - Human vs Autorouter [ ...

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