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    EEVblog #113 – Live Show #6

    The 6th Live EEVblog show. Lots of the usual random stuff. Yes, I know, the video sucks, it came from the Ustream recording. That’s the best main camera shot I had, sorry. Podcast: Download

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    How to Entertain a Nerd

    My entry for the Youtube/Vodafone Australia Secret Talents competition. No new material, but a quick 90 second retrospective some might enjoy, so I thought I’d share.

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    6th Live Show

    Big turnout for the last show, so why not, lets do another one! UTC: Sunday, 19 September 2010 at 21:30:00 (that’s Monday 20th 7:30am Sydney time) See my Live show tab for further details. I’ll try and get the camera recording working this time, but I tried that last time ...

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    EEVblog #111 – Live Show #5

    The 5th Live Show. This version is the original webcam footage version. It still has audio sync problems, particularly toward the end, but it’s still watchable. Podcast: Download

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