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    EEVblog #29 – Audiophile Audiophoolery

    Dave cuts loose on the Golden Ear Audiophiles and all their Audiophoolery rubbish. Panasonic gets a serve too, or is that applause? The Blue Jeans cable LINK And Kurt Denke’s response to the infamous letter: LINK The Panasonic design guide is HERE and the rest of it HERE Post your ...

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    The EEVblog has morphed…

    The EEVblog has been morphed from www.alternatezone.com/eevblog to www.eevblog.com Hopefully you shouldn’t even notice the difference, but I’m an electronics engineering nerd and not a Jolt Cola slurping computer geek, so something has bound to have gone wrong, possibly horribly… Let me know if you find any issues at all…

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    EEVblog #27 – More Engineering Job Interview Tips!

    Yes, it’s another round of Electronics Engineering job interview tips. Techniques to help you stand out at the interview and secure that engineering job. See Blog #7 for the previous bunch of tips. (Note the record number of “you know”‘s!) Podcast: Download

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