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    EEVblog #908 – Zener Diodes

    Fundamentals Friday. A tutorial on Zener Diodes. Avalanche breakdown, zener breakdown, zener effect, knee voltage, power dissipation, differences from regular diodes, calculating dropper resistor value, voltage regulation, clipping, clamping, transient surge overvoltage protection, characteristic curve, forward and reverse characteristics. Forum HERE Podcast: Download

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    EEVblog #906 – Mailbag

    More Mailbag Forum HERE SPOILERS: Amateur HAM Radio Study Guides from Dan Romanchik PCBite professional PCB holder Accurate panel meter Valve Bonanza Turns your PSU into a USB charger OP.A FM Synthesiser Arduino Shield Flip Dot Displays Lumintop TD16 1000 lumens Tactical Flashlight Torch: Worm AAA Keyring Torch Worm Brass ...

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