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    EEVblog #947 – Chronos High Speed Camera Review

    Dave takes a look at the 21,000fps Chonos Kickstarter high speed digital camera prototype. Tesla500 Youtube Channel World’s most powerful LED light – 5kW VIDEO Forum HERE EEVblog #947 - Chronos High Speed Camera Review [ 0.01 MB ] Download (3071)

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    EEVblog #945 – Thermal Powered Smartwatches Are GIMMICKS!

    Thermal powered smartwates are nothing more than gimmicks. Dave runs the numbers on the Matrix Powerwatch from Indieigogo. Also some exercise testing shows up an unusual and undesired effect when using thermoelectric generators on your wrist. Thunderf00t’s video HERE Bluetooth Power Consumption Application Note HERE The Peltier effect TEG used ...

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