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    EEVblog #1232 – Add Web Access To Old Instruments!

    A look at the KISS-488 GPIB to Ethernet adapter that lets you add a web based user interface, HPGL plotter emulator, and Telnet interface to old instruments with a GPIB interface. And you might even get some extra resolution out of those old instruments too! GPIB Telnet Data logger program ...

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    EEVblog #1229 – Mailbag

    SPOILERS:TomTom XL GPS teardown9:26 Casio RM-9850 graphing Calculator18:15 40th Anniversary of the 6809 and a special demo boardhttps://gitlab.com/dfffffff/gcc68096809 gcc compiler23:14 Japanese Anime and various prototype boardshttps://gerbolyze.jaseg.net32:34 WebFPGA Beginner web based FPGA development system Kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/ryanmjacobs/webfpga-rapid-fpga-development-systemRaspberry Pi Zero aluminium case121GW Multimeter holder Podcast: Download

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