• µSleeve

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    A custom designed ESD safe storage solution for surface mount parts in cut-tape and tubes, including all standard tape widths.
    Designed for universal fit in all global standard hole spacing ring binders.
    Sleeves have a white space for component identification with marker pen.
    They come in 10 pouch (SL10H) and 7 pouch (SL07H) versions for wider tapes and parts
    1) 1 x pack of 10 SL10H sleeves
    2) 1 x pack of 10 SL07H sleeves
    3) Hole reinforcement adhesive strips
    4) Free worldwide postage

    You'll get 20 µSleeves total, for a total pouch count of 170!

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    Dimensions 22.7 x 33.0 x 0.6 cm

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