So you want to send your product in for a review?, that’s great. The EEVblog is the #1 electronics video blog in the industry with over 750,000 subscribers, highly indexed on Youtube and Google, with a well established brand and audience of professionals, engineering students and hobbyists, so your product will get the highest profile coverage possible on Youtube.


Please note, the EEVblog does not do paid reviews, and does not accept just any product for review. It has to be interesting to me personally, and appropriate for the EEVblog audience. I get a lot of requests for reviews and turn down the majority of them.
I’m sure your $50,000 ultra niche doofawinkle widget analyser, or $50 WiFi Arduino add-on shield is a really great product, but it’s likely not an appropriate product for a general interest review. Nor are consumer products, this is NOT a consumer gadget review channel.

If you are just after publicity for your Kickstarter or Indiegogo campaign or are bootstrapping a product etc then these are best suited to the very popular Mailbag segment. I get countless requests to do video reviews of crowd funding products so please don’t ask.

Feel free to send anything into the mailbag unannounced. That is the best way to get your product into a video. If a product in the mailbag is interesting enough I might do another standalone video on it.
The mailbag address is below. But if you are sending by courier that cannot deliver to PO Boxes then contact me for a real address and phone number for the courier.

1) I love to point out everything negative I can about a product as well as the positives, and that is one of the reasons my reviews are so popular. If you can’t handle that, or having your product or company rightfully called out when something is wrong with it (or you can’t handle strong opinions), then send it to one of the established magazine sites and they’ll bend over backward to simply regurgitate your marketing copy to a pathetic dwindling audience.

2) If your product fails in some way, it will make it onto the video for all the world to see, I won’t hide it and let you secretly fix it as if nothing happened. That has happened to many of the major manufacturers who have sent equipment in for review. But what most marketing people would consider a public relations nightmare has in fact turned into a massive positive result for the company when customers see the company pro-actively responding to real issues. Things fail, and mistakes happen, engineers understand that. If you want exposure on the biggest electronics blog on the internet, you have to take a risk and believe in your product and your customer service to fix any issues.

3) I do not allow suppliers or manufacturers to see the review before it goes live, that is the rule, no exceptions. You send your gear, and you take your chances. I don’t care if you “just want to make sure I have the facts right”, I ain’t falling for it.

4) It is quite likely that your bit of gear will be compared with and tested against your competitors, or a competitor is mentioned and shown in the video. If you don’t like that, don’t send in your gear for review.

5) There is no set agenda for reviews, it happens how it happens on the day, no two reviews are the same. I may miss a lot of stuff, and/or I may rant on continually about some small thing that annoys me. I may whistle dixie, toss your bit of gear, or mock your marketing department. My videos are not scripted or planed in advance, I press Record and talk.

6) For technical reasons, video edits after upload to Youtube are not possible. Only under exceptional circumstances will a video be removed and edited. If I get something wrong, I will endeavor to correct it in the comments or using Youtube annotation, but the original video remains.

7) The EEVblog audience love to see inside gear, they want and expect to see a teardown of your product. If you are uncomfortable with this and think I might break your precious widget, don’t send it in.

This is my blog, these are my rules, this is how I roll, no exceptions!


Tell someone who cares.


So you want product “placement” on my bench so it gets seen in videos and used in tutorials etc?
That’s great, who wouldn’t, but it’s gotta earn it’s place. You can’t buy product placement. I only use what I personally like. If it’s a good product and I like it better than what I already have on the bench, then there is a good chance I’ll use your product instead of your competitors in future videos. But I do like to mix things up just for the fun of it.
Giving your product to me and allowing me to keep it after a review gains you absolutely no favor at all. I already have more gear than I can possibly use, another free oscilloscope means nothing to me. But it does obviously increase your chances of having it used in my other videos (tutorials, comparison in other reviews etc) if I actually have it to hand to use it.
I’m not fussed if you let me keep the gear or it’s just a loaner, whatever works for you.


– No, I do not accept payment for any review or comment.
– Yes, some of the manufacturers or distributors let me keep the products after the review, to be used in the lab. But some don’t, they are just loaners.
– Yes, some of the equipment manufacturers or distributors may direct advertise on my blog main page (usually way after the fact).
– No, I never let a free bit of gear or advertising dollars dictate what I say in a review, I’m too honest and outspoken for my own good. If you don’t believe me, watch my reviews for yourself, where I always find something negative to say about every product. I have shown products blow up on their big launch day, I’ve stomped on products, tossed them in the bin and called them crap on camera, I’ve burnt bridges, I’ve exposed serious bugs in many industry leading products. And that’s what I do to the companies that let me keep their gear for free and who pay to advertise on my website!
– No, I usually do not sell the gear or give them away, they are useful for comparison reviews in the future. As an industry reviewer I need to accumulate gear for that purpose.

For regular mail use:

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For couriers like Fedex, UPS etc that CAN’T deliver to PO Boxes, please email me for an